Rock Crawler Technology adapted to RC cars.

673682d1291088724-custom-built-rc-rock-crawler-scale-crawler-must-see-img_0514Traditionally, the RC Car community has been populated by rc cars and trophy trucks.  This usually assumes two different types of environments.  RC cars would usually use flat paved ground, and trophy race trucks use somewhat flat dirt areas with some jumps scattered around.  This is a fairly limited environment, but what if we want to go a step further and extend the capability of our RC vehicles?  What if we want a more multipurpose vehicle that can traverse and scale a larger variety of environments and obstacles.

The answer to these questions are almost all answered by a simple answer, an RC Rock Crawler.  These are machines that are designed to traverse the toughest of all environments, practically scaling 90 degree walls.  In order to do this, RC rock crawlers utilize a lot of technological advances that actually originated in real life rc rock crawlers.  Some of these advances are locking differentials, long travel suspension, and four wheel steering.  Four wheel drive is a given, and can be found on a large array of RC vehicles.

An RC Rock Crawler go more places than any other type of RC car.

Choosing an air rifle for target shooting.

choosing the best air rifle for target shooting will yield a different rifle than if you were choosing an air rifle for hunting.  For one thing, you wont need a larger caliber .22 or .25 air gun.  For seconds, velocity is a lot more important for target shooting.  A quick traveling pellet means that drop will be minimized from the time the pellet leaves the gun to when it hits its target.  Remember,  gravity dictates that all pellets will fall at 9.81 m/s^2 in the vertical direction, regardless of horizontal velocity.  Large caliber pellets as mentioned earlier will always travel at a lower FPS (feet per second), as more energy would be required to propel the pellet….beyond what is practical for most air rifles.  However, a .22 caliber pellet will also always hit harder, resulting in a gratifying “ping”.

Choosing the  best air rifle for target shooting means that you will get a more technologically advanced airgun.  Why is this? Simply because precision airguns require precision parts.  All of the play within all nuts and bolts and other endplay will all add up, making a difference in your shooting.  Ideally, you want any flaw in your shots to be in you, not your air rifle.  This is why the goal of target shooting is to learn how to keep a steady hand, arm, and smooth finger pull.  The same set of skill is used for target shooting or hunting.  In hunting it is important to have perfect accuracy in order to humanely kill your target.

For target shooting, most sporting events use .177 caliber…which also happens to be one of the most common air rifle calibers available.  Any of the top best pellet gun are often available in this common caliber.  Most Olympic shooting events will also use .177 caliber air rifles for their competitions.  Another thing that professional competition air rifles have in common are that they utilize PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) technology.  This means that the air rifle is initially charged, and then multiple shots can be fired until air is depleted.  This comes in handy when shooting in competitions so that the shooter doesn’t have to keep reloading in the middle of a set.

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The High Tech Benjamin Marauder air rifle

benjamin marauder air rifleThe Crosman Benjamin Marauder is an advance air rifle full of features that only the best air rifles have.  It features a PCP system which stands for pre-charged pneumatic.  This means that air is pumped into the air tank and preserved for later.  How does this benefit the shooter?  The rifle only requires a single fill-up in order to take multiple shots.  A single pumping is good for about 10 or so shots.  Different people prefer different methods for filing up their Marauder air rifle.

Most professional shooters use a scuba tank filled with air.  These scuba tanks are filled either with their own air compressor or taken to a local scuba shop.  Another option is to use a PCP hand pump.  A quick search on Amazon will quickly turn this up.  Be warned! You will get a very very good workout from using this hand pump.  The pump looks just like a bicycle pump, and works in a similar fashion as well.

Anyway, back to the rifle! The Benjamin Marauder is extremely accurate, almost on par with a .22 rifle.   However, after 50-70 yards, you will start to realize the limitations of an air rifle.  The .22 caliber option is my favorite.  It is the heaviest, hard hitting round available. It will not fly as fast as a .177, but it will definitely pack a punch.  The .177 velocity is higher, but you will have a harder time taking out small animals.  Speaking of hunting, the Benjamin marauder makes a fantastic hunting air rifle, it is quiet, deadly and accurate.  It is so quiet, that hitting your animal of prey will be louder than the air rifle itself.  It is also important to get a nice scope in order to enjoy the full benefits of this air rifle. Stock, it does not come with any iron sights, with the assumption that yo are going to be using a scope.  And if you are going to be using an air rifle for long distances, this will definitely be the case.

Now that we are clear that this is an excellent performing air gun, I want to mention that there are a number of upgrades to make this air rifle even better.  Some improvements include aftermarket stocks, adjustable trigger mechanisms, barrels, scopes, and of course you have tons of pellet options suited just for your need.

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Preserve your food with a vacuum sealer

Lets start out with a simple question.

What Causes food to go bad?

Food goes bad and spoils because it is exposed to air, which oxidizes the proteins.  This is true for everything from meat, fruits, and explains why veggies wilt.  Not to mention moisture that can lead to ugly freezer burn when food is placed in a freezer.  Understanding both of these problems allows us to arrive at a solution. Vacuum sealing food provides a simple long term solution.

What is the solution?

Simple! Remove the excess air and moisture from contacting your food.  This will preserve and help eliminate freezer burn from your most prized foods.  Everyone from hunters, to home cookers, to professional cooks realize the importance of a vacuum sealed environment to preserve food.  The optimal solution for long term preservation is vacuum sealing plus freezing.

How do we remove the air and moisture?

home vacuum sealerAnother simple answer! Avacuum sealer is the most convenient way to preserve your food within your own home. These units range from small inexpensive units to bigger pricey heavy duty units.  There are a lot of sealers on the market, so I suggest you visit:  to learn more about purchasing the best vacuum sealer for your home.

On top of choosing a home vs commercial model, one must also consider the versatility requirement.  Hunters and fishers often need to vacuum seal as soon as the game has been hunted, as degradation happens almost instantly in a killed animal.  Luckily there are portable, and even hand held units available that can be taken along for the hunt.

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Masticating Juicers

Using mechanical engineering principles in their design, masticating juicers take advantage of physics and plain brute force to get the job done.  Gears are used to spin worm gears, which do the main smashing.  A masticating juicer, aka cold press juicers, works by smashing fruits and vegetables, rather than slicing and cutting them up like centrifugal juicers.  Because of this, you get the true juices out of your product, rather than just a finely minced version.

The low speed action also produces a superior juice that is free of foam.  If you are familiar with a centrifugal juicer, then you know that these are loud, noisy, and the high speed function causes a lot of foaming.  This foaming is actually air, and is caused by oxidation in the juice.  Aeration is a good thing when it comes to fine wines and other delicacies,  but is just bad news for freshly squeezed juice.  A masticating juicer excels when producing foam free juice.  The benefits are immediately seen.  The only advantage that centrifugal juicers have over masticating juicers is the speed of juicing.  Centrifugal juicers juice faster, almost in the fraction that a masticating juicer would take.  Unless you’re running a juice shop, this shouldn’t be a factor.  Would you purchase something that is less quality but can perform the action faster? Most people would say no.

Wireless technology adapted to doorbells

In today’s market where everything is becoming wireless, doorbells are joining in on the fun.  With the ever decreasing cost of electronics, wireless technology has become cheaper and more accessible for the everyday person to afford.  This is just how the market works.  Doorbells are no exception to this rule.  Read on to discover the benefit of having a wireless doorbell.

Best Wireless doorbellWhy wireless doorbells?

1.) Easy installation-standard doorbells require messy wires to be ran all throughout the wall.  This means cutting holes and making permanent changes to your home.  Most houses already come equipped with a doorbell, but when it malfunction, often a wall exploration will be in order.

  2.) More Features- A Wireless doorbell is more capable  in the options department, as they many are are often accompanied with many door chime options, intercom systems, video cameras, or even smart phone alert.  The door bell companies are smart in marketing to the everyday person.  They know most people have cell phones, and now sell wireless doorbells which actually let the residents know someone is at the door.

What are some things that you should consider when you are selecting a wireless doorbell?

Wireless range:  This normally isn’t an issue for most homes, unless you have issues with wifi range, then your house is huge.  Not to worry though, wireless doorbells come in a variety of ranges for most homes and apartments.  Today’s wireless doorbells have a much greater range than wireless doorbells in the past.  Every wireless doorbell manufacturer states the range specs, so just refer that.  Bear in mind that walls will slightly shorten the effect range of the wireless signal, so plan accordingly.   Even for those with large homes, the signal isnt usually an issue, as near the entrance is where most people place the door chime anyway.

Alerts:  Meaning, how does your door chime alert you? Does it make a sound? Make a flash? Text/call your cell phone?  These are just some more features to keep in mind.  Extra fancy features often come at slightly heavier price tag.  But sometimes these features give some extra comfort, which is invaluable, right?

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Tips And Hints On Getting Facebook Likes For Your Business Page

Getting dozens of likes on your Facebook business page can prove to be quite profitable for you, because this can increase the popularity of your business in a cheap, efficient and timely way. A good online marketing strategy has the potential to influence the success of your business. This is the reason why you – as an online business owner – must emphasize on the concept of brand awareness. Social media is undoubtedly one of the best resources you can use to promote your product or service.

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